January 2020, Thursday
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Foolish Thursdays: The League of Fools with HeyDay & MAX
Time: 8:00pm PT
Location: 6320 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Peter Fluet and Lauren Van Kurin bring to the Sacred Fools stage a journey into an eclectic world of comedy. Hosted by Lauren and Peter, and anchored by two of Los Angeles’ best improv teams, HeyDay and MAX, THE LEAGUE OF FOOLS is on the hunt for the best and most brazen comedy acts they can find: music, stand up, sketch, dance, magic - all forms of the foolish and funny are welcomed by THE LEAGUE OF FOOLS in this 90 minute extravaganza of irreverence. Leave your sensibilities at the door, detach your sense of irony before entering, because it is The League of Fools' sacred mission to bring you a unique comedy experience twice a month that will leave you gasping for breath and demanding more.

THE LEAGUE OF FOOLS performs this month on the Broadwater Second Stage

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