Written by Carlos Sanz
Directed by Sonia Dietrich-Sanz / Carlos Sanz / Richard Coca

Joanna Quinn Sullivan
Strato Linda Miller
Tab Mark Auerbach
Johnson Aldrich Allen
Yolanda Laura Simon
Danko Joe Hernandez-Kolski
Sofia Nancy Barnes
Garcia Johnny Sanchez

Beverly Hills Liberation Army, in case you were wondering. They're professional megalomaniac revolutionaries - from Freedonia, of course - and they're coming to take over the water supply of your home town! That is, if your home town is Beverly Hills! Their weapon of mass destruction? Danko's socks!!
Fetishes for Disney mice, heiress hostages turning comrades, sexy guerilla soldiers and their erotic tales of wet suits and gas masks, and two new recruits to the highly desirable security guard union round out the revolutionary madness!