Written & Directed by Aaron Francis

Sculder Jon Hamm
Mulley Quinn Sullivan
Ricecheck Jeff Beninghofen
Marlboro Man J. Haran
Flayer Brad Hennigan
Doohickie Joel Christian
Sellers Darby Valley
Quantico Stephen Miller
Allison Tina Balabio
Mail Guy Donovan Williams
Landlord Aldrich Allen
KC Paul Plunkett
Local Cop Scott Rabinowitz
Johnny Philip Sokoloff
Nancy Linda Miller
Secretary Laurie Bosco
Bum Aldrich Allen
Punk 1 David Holcomb
Punk 2 Mark Auerbach
Punk 3 Aaron Francis
Mob Guy John Sylvain
Pedicured Guy Mark Lifrieri
Ethnic Guy Scott Rabinowitz
DT Ben Currier

The truth is out there...or is it in here? We know we put it somewhere...In anycase, Alien Abductions, Cybernetic Eyes - you know the score. Now if we can just figure out where we put it...