Written by Joshua Rebell
Directed by Steven Smith

Trish Danielle Surrette
Jocelyn Inga Stanelun
Peter Will Seymour
Detective London Piper Henry
Detective Frye Quinn Sullivan
Lt. Janice Fabrini Shelley Wenk
Theresa Therese Tinling
Ned Jim Fletcher
Marcus Ripp Steven Smith
...and John Sylvain as The Corpse

The Upper East Side is ever so civilized...or is it? All is not what it seems as we reveal the identity of the body in the living room. Is it Trish's los husband or a secret from one of the denizens of Josh Rebells upper-crusty NYC?

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Detective Frye (Quinn Sullivan), Trish & Detective London (Piper Henry)


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Peter (Will Seymour), Jocelyn (Inga Stanelun), Trish (Danielle Surrette),  Ned (Jim Fletcher) & and one good lookin' dead body!


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Peter, Jocelyn, Trish and Ned.