Written by George Larkin
Directed by Bruno Oliver

Cap Marty Yu
Terry Abby Wolf
Toby Thomas Roddy, Jr.
Pam Lisette Bross
Derek Mark Auerbach
Natalie Tenny Priebe
John, Zombie Fighter Frank Martinez
Frank, Vampire King J. Haran
Karen, Leader of Zombies Jenifer Hamel
Hautboy Zombie Philip Sokoloff
Zombies Rob Hubler
Jay Ross
Etana Jacobson
Eric Johnson
Melissa Roddy
Michael Heneesson
Bruno Oliver
Rochelle Robinson
Erin Vatano
Victim / Zombie Alix Goodwin
Hound John Sylvain
Fetchit Charles Edwards
Prince Ragnar Scott McShane

One of the bloodiest CRIME SCENES to date! And we're not ashamed to say it! Zombies run amok, Vampires try to track them down, and Golom's do a chasidic dance! What could be bad about that?