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Written by Pete McCabe
Directed by Jonathan Goldstein
Original Music by Jonathan Goldstein and Rob Levine

King Barnabus of Ravinia Jonathan Goldstein
The Archduke Jim Tosney
The Viscount Scott Rabinowitz
Prince Hamlet Patrick Towne
Scott McShane
Deaf Mute Boy Allen Lulu
Queen Elleninia of Ravinia Jennifer Hamel
Court Composer  Rob Levine

The Queen of Ravinia has been killed! Has she been murdered? Has she committed suiced? The suspects; The Villainous Viscount, the Amorous Archduke or the Curmedgeonly King! It's a frantic romp with live music and the classic tune "No One Makes Love Like Myself to Myself!"

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The King (Jonathan Goldstein) , Queen (Jennifer Hamel) & Prince (Scott McShane)


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Hereldecles (Patrick Towne)


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Queen Elleninia


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The Arch Duke (James Tosney), The King & The Viscount (Scott Rabinowitz)


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Robert Levine as Robert Levine