Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by Alexander Woo / John Sylvain

Martina Plum Alexandria Sage
Polly Peacock Bil Garrity
Dick Alexander Woo
Rik Cruller Rik Keller
Jade Scarlett Cassandra McCarthy
Lily White Sacha Vaughn
French Mustard Darlene Hunt
Kelly Green Nancy Barnes
The Rod Scott Rabinowitz

Art imitates life in Alex Wu's disturbingly comic look at the Amorous Affairs of the Artist known only as the Rod.  Deep, wide, and shallow all at the same time, the Rod, has been murdered by one of his too-numerous-to-count lovers. Was it the saucy Frenchy Mustard with a rope? How about the blood-thirsty Jade Scarlett with a gun in the library?!  It coulda been anyone! Who wouldn't want him dead!?