Written by Damien Gray
Directed by Felicia Fasano / Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein as Frank
Chris Coppola as Dean
Brigitte Bako as Ava
and Allen Lulu as Sammy, babe
also featuring...
Mark Ian Sklar
Bruno Oliver
Greg Lindsay
Desi Doyen
Alyssa Gabriella
Alexandria Sage
Scott McShane
Danielle Surrette
Mark Auerback
David Holcomb
Susan Estes

Sammy, Dean and Frank on the trail of the Eryodite in Austria...or something. Eggplants and a Sammy Stew lie at the heart of this swingin' Rat Pack suprise. When all else fails, let's do a number! And as if that's not enough...wait...is that...the Brat Pack?