Written by David Rosenthal
Directed by David P. Moore

Speyburn Mark Auerbach
Topiary Sacha Vaughn
Gert M.E. Dunn
Trumble John Sylvain
Selma Tiffany Puhy
Fritz Dan Etheridge
Dr. Mortimer Mark Lifrieri
Dr. Gunderpanz Bill Salyers
Jim Fletcher
The Nurse Michelle Philippe

Was it a double suicide, or a double homicide? Perhaps it was a suicide/homicide. Was it the maniac in the basement, the sexy performance artist or the mysterious man smoking the...Toasted Cavendish?

toasted1.jpg (16892 bytes)
Selma  (Tiffany Puhy) and Sgt. Speyburn (Mark Auerbach)


toast2.jpg (35704 bytes)
Detective Topiery (Sacha Vaugn),  Selma & Sgt. Speyburn