Written & Directed by Gerald McClanahan
5/27/00 - 6/17/00

As suspenseful as derivative as DePalma...

What's really going on at Manderley Prep? And what really happened to the first Mrs. DeSummer? And why is that bucket hanging over the Prom Queen's head? Discover the mystery of...Becky!

A new CRIME SCENE from the auteur/genius who brought us Heist!, EMPIRE!, and All About Eva!

Mickey DeSummer Patrick Towne
The new Mrs. DeSummer Tenny Priebe
Gabby Anderman
Judy Bloom Deena Rubinson
Constance DeMenor Ramona Ramirez
J.D. Stark Scott McShane
Jo Czrzkczyrk Laurie Searle
Michael Blaine Hunt Henry Dittman
Aristotle Mineo Andy Wolf
Frank DeLoix Tom Chalmers
Ms. Denvers Tabatha Hall
Becky Michelle Madden
Mickey DeSummer (in Flashback) Scott Rabinowitz
The next Mrs. DeSummer Stephanie Bell
The Manderley Prep Dancers Tina Ballabio
Rob Brink
Corey Klemow
Kara S. Leigh
Sharon MacMenamin
Karimah Tennyson

The Charming (and Deadly) Mickey DeSummer...Patrick Towne

The New Mrs. DeSummer...
Gabby Anderman

The Other New Mrs. DeSummer...
Tenny Priebe

The Delightful Ms. Denvers...Tabitha Hall

The rebel, J.D. Stark & the closeted Aristotle Mineo...
Scott McShane and Andy Wolfe

A French Lesson administered by Frank DeLoix to willing student, Jo Czrzkczyrk...
Tom Chalmers and Laurie Searle

Constance DeMenor and Michael Blaine Hunt...
(now you've seen Mike Hunt!)

Ramona Ramirez and Henry Dittman