Written by Alex Baze, Stan Feitag & Darrin W. Jaques
Story by Stan Freitag & Darrin W. Jaques
Directed by Brad Friedman
5/20/00 - 6/10/00

Gunslingers, Bad Guys, Bar Fights, Injuns, Transvestites and all the other shit you'd expect from a CRIME SCENE Western! Giddyup!

The Gunslinger Matt Duggan
The Bad Guy Stan Freitag
The Henchmen:

Rob Brink
Richard Gustafson
Scorp Darrin Jaques
Vulch Piper Henry
Snake Joe Jordan
The Snake Oil Man Brad Friedman
The Blind Indian Ben Davis
The Whore Noelle Potvin
The Angry Farmer Pat Towne
The Madam Ginny Harman
The Barkeep Alex Baze
The Sheriff Stephanie Bell
The Deputy John Williams
The Bent Old Whore Tenny Priebe
The Mother Candice Weber
The Kid Tom Chalmers
The Blacksmith Adam Bitterman
The Barber Aldrich Allen
The Schoolmarm Lisa Grant
The Other Whore Kara S. Leigh
The Customer Scott Rabinowitz
The Store Owner Quinn Sullivan
The Doctor Haynes Brooke
The Boy Corey Klemow
The DeeJay R.C. Ormond
(Special Choreography by Lisa Grant)

The Good Guy...
Matt Duggan

The Bad Guy...
Stan Freitag

The Bad Guys...
(Clockwise from Top-Left) Joe Jordan, Stan Freitag, Darrin Jaques, Rob Brink & Piper Henry

The Snake Oil Man...
Brad Friedman

The Whore and The Madam...
Noelle Potvin and Ginny Harman

The Bent Old Whore...
Tenny Priebe

The Sheriff
Stephanie Bell

The Depity
John Williams

The Angry Farmer...
Pat Towne

The Blacksmith
Adam Bitterman

The Old Lady
Lisa Grant

The Other Whore
Kara Leigh

The Shopkeep & The Barkeep
Quinn Sullivan & Alex Baze

The Doc & The Shopkeep
Haynes Brooke & Quinn Sullivan
A little Magical Elixer Potion goes a long way...

The Snake Oil Man (after Potion)
Brad Friedman

The Bad Guy (after Potion)
Stan Freitag as the
World's Wildest Transwestite!