Buddy Lesh, Effeminate P.I.
Written by Lance Werth
Directed & Adapted for CRIME SCENE by Tom Chalmers
"The Case of the Moo-Shoo Madame"
"The Case of the Pearls of Danger"
4/22/00 - 4/29/00

Itís time for Mystery! Murder! ...and Mohair!
Action! Adventure! ...and Angora!
Shysters! Shakedowns! ...and Chiffon!
But whatever you do...don't call him queer!

Buddy Lesh Bil "Mama" Garrity
Madame Lo Tabatha Hall
Jill Gideon Mary Birdsong
Francine Gideon Lisette Bross
Dim Sum Tom Chalmers
Sgt. Goiter John Williams
Vivian Long Desi Doyen
The Curator Mark T.J. Lifrieri
Mac Gerald McClanahan
Peterson Tom Chalmers

Bil Garrity and Mary Birdsong as Buddy Lesh and Jill Gideon

Tabatha Hall as Madame Ro...er...Lo

John Williams. Fighting crime as Sgt. Goiter.

Mark T.J. Lifrieri. Not minding the store as The Curator.

Desi Doyen as Vivian Long can't even get a rise out of Buddy...But don't call him queer.