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Written by Tom Chalmers & Thomas Roddy, Jr.
Directed by Tom Chalmers
6/12/99 - 6/26/99

Pig Pen Jay Harik
Judge Charles Schultz Adam Bitterman
Peppermint Patty Sharon MacMenamin
Marcie Tabatha Hall
Sacha Vaughn
Charlie Brown Tom Chalmers
Jordan Ancel
Franklin Donovan Williams
Schroeder Scott McShane
Freida Lynne Jordan
Sally Lisette Bross
Jessie Marion
Linus Tom Roddy
Lucy Pip Newson
Director Tom Roddy
Prisoners Tom Roddy
Jim Tosney
Scott Rabinowitz

Snoopy dead!? Charlie Brown charged with murder? Can Peppermint Patty clear Chuck's good name in time? Will Marcie ever get a taste of the cool, refreshing Peppermint Patty? And why are Linus and Schroeder spending so much quality time with Bert and Ernie? The Peanuts Gallery is now open...

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Tabatha Hall as Marcie

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Chuck on trial!
(clockwise from left) Sharon MacMenamin as Defense Attorney, Peppermint Patty, Tom Roddy as Linus, Scott McShane as Schroeder, Tom Chalmers as the accused, Charlie Brown, Tabatha Hall as Marcie

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You're a Guilty Man, Charlie Brown!
Donovan Williams as Prosecuting Attorney, Franklin