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The Emperor & The Queen's Retreat!
Written by Pete McCabe
Directed by Scott Rabinowitz

6/12/99 - 6/26/99

Queen Esvisthra Alexandria Sage
Amy Raasch
Emperor Barbantius Benjamin Davis
Dallas Dickinson
Eliazbr'neen Pharess of the Nile Piper Henry
The King of France Jonathan Goldstein
Brigitte Timbre Henning
Maurice Rob Crites
Paul Plunkett
Entween Camden Toy
French Maid Lisette Bross
French Man Scott Rabinowitz
French Maid Mary Hayes
French Maid Lisa Grant

The Sluvo-Beseemian Army have been defeated! Emperor Barbantius and Queen Esvisthra have fled to the banks of the Nile where they encounter Iliazbr'neen (Eel-E-Ahzzzzzzz-BRUH-neen) the lusty Pharess of the Nile, of course!

Lust. Betrayal. Lust. Battle. Lust. And more lust!

And when that's done...it's time for a quiet Parisian Vacation...or is it...

Another chapter or two from Pete McCabe - the Savage Genius who brought you The Queen is Dead!

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The Queen Likes it on Top!
Alexandria Sage as The Queen atop
Benjamin Davis on the bottom as the Emporer

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Suprise! A Frenchman With Attitude!
Rob Crites as Maurice