Get a Clue
Written by David Bauman (with Linda Miller)
Directed by David Bauman
4/8/00 - 4/22/00

Was it Miss Peacock behind the woodshed?
Colonel Mustard in the bedroom?
Or Cher at Beverly Hills High?

Miss Peacock Linda Miller
Miss Scarlet Quinn Sullivan
Professor Plum John Altieri
Mr. Green Tremell Johnson
Colonel Mustard Brian Morri
Mrs. White John Sylvain
Cher Gabrielle Ford
Timbre Henning
April Mark Nordike
May Timbre Henning
Rhet Butler Michael Halpin
Bret Butler Sara Winterer
Shirley Temple Abby Wolfe
Costumes by M.E. Dunn
Choreography & Props
by John Altieri
Special Thanks to
Belinda Pennett,
Aynee Osboren & Craig DeSilva

A murder at a mansion? The Playboy Mansion that is...
And who else to solve the case, but Cher from Clueless!
Mark Nordike as April, Gabrielle Ford as Cher and Timbre Henning as May. As if!

With your host...the dead (with a wrench, in the kitchen) Mrs. White
 (John Sylvain)

Colonel Mustard (Brian Morri)

The Right Reverend Mr. (Al) Green (Tremell Johnson)

The lovely Miss Peacock (Linda Miller)

Professor Plum (John Altieri)

She saw it in the window and just had to have it!
Miss Scarlet (Quinn Sullivan)

And of course, The Butlers...Both Rhett and Bret.
(Michael Halpin & Sara Winterer)