What would Halloween be like without a Shitting Devil?
Much better for Phil Sokoloff!

Halloween CRIME SCENE 2!


Our 2nd Annual CRIME SCREAM! This time in Prime Time! With two full acts! Our most disgusting show ever! A full night of variously appalling sketches and performances in very poor taste! (Just ask The Shitting Devil!) And haunting music from Jessie Thompson and, our friend, The Legendary Buck Silvertone!

Good Evening...I'm your host, Scott Rabinowitz...
And this woman is quite a trollop...

Among the gruesome festivities:

"What was it like working with Lee?"...
Bruno Oliver as James Lipton

Inside the Actors Studio...with Dracula
Written by Joshua Rebell
Directed by Brad Friedman

James Lipton Bruno Oliver
Dracula Dean Stapleton
Student 1 Stephanie Bell
Student 2 Tina Ballabio
Student 3 Paul Plunkett
Student 4 Tenny Priebe


Night of the Publicist
Written & Directed by Paul Plunkett

Your Host Jim Tosney
Contestant #1 Pat Towne
Contestant #2 Stan Freitag
Contestant #3 Philip Sokoloff
Your Celebrity Panel Scott McShane
Detra Payne
Pogo Sait
The Shitting Devil! ????????


Things Fall Apart
Written & Directed by Aaron Francis

Randy Sam Toffler
Anna Donna Tina Charles
Mom Caroline Anders
Officer Lacey Mary Hayes
Officer Hutch Al Vicente


Case Study #27
Written by Gerald McClanahan
Directed by Detra Payne and Gerald McClanahan

The Players:

Aldrich Allen
Jeff Bell
Lisette Bross
Jack Carey
Joel Christian
Detra Payne
Gerald McClanahan


Lisette Bross finds a date!...
 Lorenzo "The Professor" Gonzalez

The Devil's Bargain
Written by Michael Franco & Joe Seely
Directed by Joe Seely

Dummo Pat Towne
The Professor Lorenzo Gonzalez
The Devil Paul Mackley
The Priest Loren Lazerine
Mother Amy Bryson
Father Paul Plunkett
Purity Timbre Henning


Sketch Comedy That Makes No False Claims!
Directed by Sean Kinney
Written by Sean Kinney, Corey Klemow,
Jefferson Smith & David Tik-Tin

I Got Your Great Pumpkin 
Right Here, Charlie Brown!...
Corey Klemow as Chuck,
 David Tik-tin as Linus

The Believer
(Linus Van Pelt)
David Tik-tin
The Cynic
(Charlie Brown)
Corey Klemow
The Apparition Sean Kinney
and featuring the cast of "Everybody Loves Ray-Bans":
Jefferson Smith as Ray Romano
Donna Tina Charles as Sitcom Wife
Katie Miller as Sitcom Mother-in-Law
Jimmy David Tik-tin
The Monster Sean Kinney
Mom Katie Miller


Father Jefferson Smith
Mother Corey Klemow
Cody David Tik-tin
Ann Katie Miller