Lilith Fear!
A One Night Only

Produced by Pussies with Pens
(Donna Tina Charles, Jenifer Hamel & Pogo Saito)

he chicks take over CRIME SCENE for one-night only, and there's nothing we can do about it! Two different one-week-only stories, Go-Go Dancing to the Death, Songs, Stories, and other Femme FEAR-someness!


Little Bitch on the Prairie
Written by Danielle Surrette
Directed by Sharon MacMenamin

Laura Angles Timbre Henning
Ma (Caroline Angles) Noelle Potvin
Pa (Charles Angles) Benjamin Byron Davis
Mary Angles Babe Hack
Carrie Angles Shirley Roeca
Mrs. Olsen Christine Deaver
Mr. Olsen Joe Seely
Nellie Olsen Jessie S. Marion
Willie Olsen Paul Plunkett
Albert Angles Andrew Friedman
Indian 1 Eric Johnson
Indian 2 Guy Stevenson

Murder, She Washed
Written by Piper Henry
Directed by Synthia Learned
Costumes Designed by Nicole Thomas

Detective Jingle John Sylvain
Detective Jarvis Gerald McClanahan
Ruby Dawl Lauren Hollingsworth
Candi Dawl Quinn Sullivan
Candi Box Linda Miller

Choregoraphed by Funk & Frank
(Bethany Funk and Fran Kelly)
The tragic true story of the Uruguayan rugby team stranded after a plane crash and forces to eat each other to survive...interpreted entirely through Dance!!!

Dancers Gabby Anderman
Donna Tina Charles
Jenifer Hamel
Tenny Priebe
Pogo Saito


Getting Over Tanya by Jenifer Hamel
Spreading Love by Gabby Anderman
The Tool by Amy Bryson &
Jessie Thompson
Lilith by Pogo Saito

Other FEAR-Someness

Goddess Mic Michelle Philippe
Oracles Caroline Andres
Tina Ballabio
Amy Bryson
Amy Jones
Detra Payne
Jessie Thompson
Jennifer Wu
The Delightfully-Named
Adam Bitterman
Montage Sequence Performers Gabby Anderman
Mary Hayes
Eric Johnson
Corey Klemow
Michael Louden
Sharon MacMenamin
Michlle Madden
Tenny Priebe
Melissa Roddy
Tom Roddy
Phil Sokoloff
Guy Stevenson
Go-Go Dancers Aldrich Allen
Joe Hernandez-Kolski
Corey Klemow
Chad Kukahiko
Peter Mattsson
Scott McShane
Steve Millunzi
David Rodwin
Al Vicente

Lovingly brought to you by...
Pussies with Pens!

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