Murderous Camoflauge
Written by Tom Kiesche
Directed by Brad Friedman
3/4/00 - 3/18/00

Now in Production 
as a Major Motion Picture!
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Squirrel Brad Friedman
Moose Dallas Dickinson
Gloves David Holcomb
Seargeant Richard Gustafson
Fat Guy David Sparrow
John Williams
Hot Butt Sacha Vaughn
Scorpion Ginny Harman
The Governor Philip Sokoloff
Bodyguards Andy Wolf
Eric Rudnick
Sean Mewshaw

If the body fits...wear it.

David Sparrow as...a bloody...Fat Guy!

Sacha Vaughn...they don't call her Hot Butt for nothin'

Ginny Harman as Scorpion. Nice rack!

Ironically, the guy who cut open all of the
bodies above and then crawled inside of them
to investigate a murder case, got his
own head cut off in this photo!
Who is that bloody guy?