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Murder on the Ocean Queen
Written by Miriam Zellnik
Words & Music by Joe & Miriam Zellnik
Directed by Bil "Mama" Garrity / Scott Rabinowtiz
Assistant Directed by Paul Plunkett
7/31/99 - 8/14/99

Josephine Finn M.E. Dunn
Hermione Bayswater Pogo Saito
Bil Garrity
Richard Pekoe Adam Bitterman
Bil Garity
Joel Christian
Childs Bryan Bellomo
Gerald McClanahan
Lisa Tate Piper Henry
Alan Tate David Holcomb
Al Vicente
Captain Sayles Patrick Towne
Prince Rajeep George Spelvin
Fiona Henry Amy Bryson

Josephine Finn has "died" on stage before, but this is going too far! She's come a long way from Manayunk, PA. And this is the thanks she gets. If only her ex-lover, ex-husband, ex-roomate, abandoned daughter and a whacky foreign prince hadn't all been on the Ocean Queen on the same cruise - it might have been easier to figure out who didn't want to kill her! The Love Boat, this ain't! With two original songs and three different endings, that's about three more endings than most CRIME SCENES have!

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The Lovely Hermione Bayswater,
as portrayed by Pogo Saito

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The Talented and Soon Dead Josephine Finn,
as portrayed by M.E. Dunn

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Pondering the yummy possibilities with
Steward, Bryan Bellomo and
Table Tennis Champ, David Holcomb