Perry Mason
Written by David Sparrow
Directed by Brad Friedman
One Episode Only: 4/29/00

Bobby Glitter Allen Lulu
Angela Albright Tenny Priebe
Cop Adam Bitterman
Della Street Ginny Harman
Perry Mason Patrick Towne
Paul Drake Bryan Bellomo
Hamilton Burger Brad Friedman
The Unlucky Onlooker Some poor fellow from
the audience named Glen!

Can the world's greatest Defense Attorney continue his undefeated streak? Even while defending a hapless CRIME SCENE audience member for the heinous crime of murder? Now what do you think?

Ginny Harman and Patrick Towne as
 Della Street and Perry Mason.

Brad Friedman as Hamilton Burger with
Irrefutable Scientific Proof that 
somehow Perry will defy!

Tenny Priebe. Not guilty at all as Angela Albright.

Adam Bitterman as a not-at-all cliched Irish Cop takes no guff from a lyin' cheatin' murderin' weasel. Even if it is the guy below...

This lyin', cheatin', murderin' weasel -named Glen (pictured with Tenny Priebe) was chosen at random from the audience. He was lucky enough to be represented by the Legendary Perry Mason. But did that mean he'd behave himself while on trial so that we could do comedy?...Don't let his friendly looks deceive you...