Ted Kaczynski's SHIP OF FOOLS

Adapted for the stage by Brad Friedman
From a short story by Ted Kaczynski!

(Yes, that Ted Kaczynski!)
(Don't believe us? Read the
Press Release for this historic event!)
(Or read Ted's actual short-story!)
One Night Only: 9/18/99

Ted / Cabin Boy Brad Friedman
Anglo Seaman Scott McShane
Lady Passenger Kathi Copeland
Mexican Sailor Lorenzo Gonzalez
American Indian Sailor Benjamin Davis
Bosun Stan Freitag
Animal Lover Li'l Jessie Marion
College Professor Corey Klemow
Third Mate Mark Auerbach
Second Mate Bruno Oliver
Captain Adam Bitterman

The Unabomber makes his worldwide stage debut in this adaptation of the short story that he wrote in prison for Off! Magazine.  The staging of this controversial parable was a historic event for CRIME SCENE as it was the first to be written by an actual (convicted) criminal!

It's the story of a boatload of politically correct passengers and crew, unwittingly at the mercy of the treacherous Captain and his Mates who have set the course for the ship far to the North into dangerous icebergs and floes. While the passengers and crew complain about working conditions, not enough blankets, kicking the dog and the right to suck cocks publicly, only the Cabin Boy (played by Ted himself!) can see that the troubles ahead out-weight any of these other issues. Do they listen to his call for a violent up rise? Or do they smash straight into an iceberg and die? What do you think?

ship_sailorted.jpg (9093 bytes)
He's a Unabomber and a Cabin Boy!
Brad Friedman

ship_anglosailor.jpg (8489 bytes)
He's an Anglo Sailor!
Scott McShane

ship_mexicansailor.jpg (10768 bytes)
He's a Mexican Sailor!
Lorenzo Gonzalez

ship_indiansailor.jpg (13292 bytes)
He's an Injun Sailor!
Benjamim Davis

ship_animalrightslady.jpg (10637 bytes)
She's an Animal Lover!
Li'l Jessie Marion

ship_proflady.jpg (13368 bytes)
She's a woman! He's a college professor!
Kathi Copeland and Corey Klemow

ship_3officers.jpg (16820 bytes)
They're the demented crew!
Mark Auerbach, Adam Bitterman & Bruno Oliver