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Star Trek: The Next Bastardization
"Trouble on Galos 7"
Written by Mark T.J. Lifrieri
Directed by Mark T.J. Lifrieri / Jonathan Goldstein
Episodes #1 to #3: 7/31/99 - 8/14/99
Episode #4: 8/28/98
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startrek_captainchair.jpg (6442 bytes) Capt. William J. Arkansas Jonathan Goldstein
Brian Leahy
Bright Tenny Priebe
Audrey Rapoport
Lisa Grant
Circuit Lisette Bross
Hiagg Stan Freitag
Frieze Scott McShane
Val Darren Cooper
"Brad Friedman"
Lum Mark T.J. Lifrieri
Ensign Dunsel/Voltar Corey Klemow
Aberra Jill Bennett
Jennifer Wu
Jessie Marion
Ungus Louahn Lowe
Karin Powsner
Bil Garrity's Headshot Scott McShane
Passerby Bob Klemow
Guinan Detra Payne
Tal Haynes Brooke
Fareen Darrin Jaques
Magreb Aldrich Allen
Salek Benjamin Davis
Cubed Jack Carey
Commander Flower Bil Garrity
Mr. Zero Craig Mathers


Al Vicente

CRIME SCENE - the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Disappointment, "the Little Yellow Bus of Starfleet". The inept crew attempts to mediate peace beween the Voktars and the Uparararararards. Good luck. Even the Star Fleet has a bad day ya know...Whatever Shatner didn't screw up, we will! And that's a promise!

Capt. William J. Arkansas (Brian Leahy)

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Stan Freitag as Hiagg, Lisette Bross as Circuit,
Tenny Priebe as Bright, Darren Cooper as Val.

It's Detra Payne as Guinan!

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What are you eating under there?
Jill Bennett and Louahn Lowe as

Aberra and Ungus respectively.

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Glum Lum
Mark T.J. Lifrieri as Writer, Director
& the part of Lum couldn't be prouder!