Christopher Marlowe P.I. (Playwright/Investigator)
Written by Christopher Gauntt
From a Concept by Christopher Gauntt, David Calhoun
& Michael Schmitt
Directed by Bryan Bellomo & Christopher Gauntt

2/3/01 - 2/24/01

Everyone has to have a day job.

Af it was acted (with great applaufe and laughter)
 at the House of the SACRED FOOLS
 in the Year of our Lord Two-Thousand and One


Christopher Marlowe Lord Bruno Oliver
Big Ben Master Tom Fiscella
Master Tom Kiesche
Master John Williams
Mistress Quickly Dame Baley Spencer-Jackson
William Shakespeare Master Christopher Gauntt
Richard Burbage Sir John Prince
Ben Jonson Master Richard Gustafson
Chastity Belter Mistress Stephanie Noel Little
Lord Francis Walsingham Lord Clynell Jackson III
Queen Elizabeth Lady Nicole Feenstra
Mary, Queen of Scots Sharon MacMenamin
Jean Cecil Master Joe Jordan
Roger Eber Master Corey Klemow
Inigo Jones Rabbi Brad Friedman
Lady of the Court Mistress Jenna Z. Wilson
Spanish Ambassador Conquistador John Wuchte
Supernumeraries Masters Darrin Jaques,
Matt Saxe,
J Warner, 
Ladies Alisha McKinney,
Ingrid Koopman,
Shannon Quaschnick
The Pope His Holiness Stan Freitag
Chefs Tom Chalmers and Zack Eisenberg as THE TWO JACQUES

The Cast...Well, some of 'em anyway.
Too damn many to name! 

Christopher Marlowe & Chastity Belter
Stephanie Noel Little & Bruno Oliver

The Two Jacques!
Zach Eisenberg & Tom Chalmers

Two Queens...Mary, Queen of Scots & Elizabeth
Sharon MacMenamin & Nicole Feenstra

One Queen...One Fake Queen...One Big Fake Queen
John Prince as Richard Burbage as Queen Elizabeth

Yet another Queen!...and Big Ben
Bruno Oliver and Tom Kiesche

The Great Scientist, Inigo Jones, confers with Marlowe!
Brad Friedman with Bruno Oliver

Everyone's a critic...Jean Cecil and Roger Eber
Joe Jordan and Corey Klemow

The Critics...Before Newspapers...

(From Left) Shakespeare, Jonson, Supernumerarie 1, Burbage, Big Ben & Mistress Quickly
Christopher Gauntt, Richard Gustafson, Matt Saxe, John Prince, Tom Fiscella & Baley Spencer-Jackson



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