Wanted for questioning concerning the disappearance of 23 former patients. For questioning concerning the disappearance of one federal agent slash MFA Acting School graduate, Chris Smith.

 For questioning concerning the hypnotizing of one federal officer, two prison guards, and a seven-eleven clerk by the use of an hypnotic pocket-watch. 

Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. A master at mind manipulation. Do not engage!

Creature Comforts
Written by Tom Kiesche
Directed by Brad Friedman
Musical Direction by Patty Lund
8/26/00 - 9/9/00

Meet Dr. Chatsworthy...and a few of his..."pets"...In one of the most animalistic oddities CRIME SCENE has ever seen...

Doctor Chatsworthy Herschel Bleefeld
Parrot Lisette Bross
Chicken Kara S. Leigh
Baboon Chris Connor
Elephant John Williams
Tit Mouse Patty Lund
Raven David Grammer
Lion J. Warner
Owl Corey Klemow
Dog Dean Jacobson
Duck Mikhail Blokh
Tom Chalmers
Special Agent Harris Brad Friedman
Less-than-Special Agent Smith / Llama Bryan Bellomo
Less-than-Special Agent Coupe Richard Gustafson
Mikhail Blokh
Greater-Than-Special Agent Jimbonie Rick von Schnier
Buttermaker Kevin Crowther
Rebel Adam Bitterman

The Heinous Doctor and his "pets"...
(Clockwise beginning, Top-Center) Herschel Bleefeld,
 J. "Lion" Warner, David "Raven" Grammer, Tom "Duck" Chalmers,
 Kara "Chicken" Leigh, Patty "Titmouse" Lund,
 Dean "Dog" Jacobson, Chris "Baboon" O'Connor,
 Corey "Owl" Klemow, Lisette "Parrot" Bross,
and  John "Elephant" Williams

The Boys from the FBI...What could possibly go wrong?
(From Left) Less-Than-Special Agents Smith and Coupe
(Bryan Bellomo &  Mikhail Blokh), Special Agent Harris (Brad Friedman),  Greater-Than-Special Agent Jimbonie (Rick Von Schnier)

Nice war-atch!
Adam Bitterman as Rebel, the rube! Herschel Bleefeld as Doctor Chatsworthy.

Welcome to Prison, Doc...
The Heinous Doctor, with his new friend Buttermaker (Kevin Crowther)...They call him Buttermaker, cause he spreads new fish...like butter.

Good Dog....
Good Dean Jacobson.