Conceived by Aaron Francis & Rik Keller
Written & Directed by  Aaron Francis & Joe Jordan

8/26/00 - 9/2/00

It's time for ACTION! It's time for EXCITEMENT! It's time for MAYHEM!
It's time for...GLADIATOR BALL! The most violent reality-based game show in history!

YOUR HOST Joe Jordan
"Julius" Stan Freitag
"Rebecca" Carla Jo Bailey
Contestants - WEEK 1 Ina Burke
Darrin Jacques
Dezhda Mountz
Justin Via
Contestants - WEEK 2 Christian Olave
Brett Spiegel
Andy Wolf
Melissa Roddy
Tina Ballabio

Wholesome Fun for the Whole Family! Plus Lots of SEX!
(Clockwise from from Top-Left) Brett Spiegel, Tina Ballabio, Carla Jo Bailey, Andy Wolf, Melissa Roddy

Masters of Mayhem...
(Clockwise, starting with the tall guy) Joe Jordan, Justin Via, Dezhda Mountz, Ina Burke, Darrin Jacques



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