Kung Fu Jesus
Written by Mark Bate
Directed by Paul Byrne
One Night Only: 6/1/01

Sometimes the good guys just have to kick some ass!

Monk Steve Rozic
Grasshopper Zach Hanks
Jesus Eric J. Stein
Chuck Wheetly Crystal Keith
Anthrax the Vincible/
Aaron Francis
El Diablo Kevin Crowther
The Twelve Apostles Mike Lanahan
Gilgamesh Kara S. Leigh
Hercules Carla Jo Bailey
Burgess Paul Byrne
Fight Announcer Kevin Delaney

Listen, Grasshopper, and I will tell you a tale...
Steve Rozic and Zach Hanks

There once was a man they called Jesus!
Eric J. Stein

And another they called El Diablo!
Kevin Crowther

And then there's the 12 Apostles!
Mike Lanahan

If Jesus only had a Manager! He'd eat lightening and crap thunder!
Paul Byrne as Burgess with friends Kara Leigh and Carla Jo Bailey

Let's get ready to ruuuummble!
Kevin Delaney

The Main Event: Jesus vs. El Diablo
Will good kick evil's ass?!