L.A.P.D - Cold Blooded Killers
Written by Paul Byrne
Directed by Richard Gustafson
One Night Only! 

Oh yeah...This'll help us get our liquor license!

Stan Freelove Stan Freitag
Fresh Folk #1 / Iza Idiot Priscilla Sanders
Fresh Folk #2 / Newsman J Warner
Officer Maim Mikhail Blokh
Officer Brutal Zack Eisenberg
Sgt. Killer Bruno Oliver
Chief Aldrich Allen
Gina Fellatio Denise Barnard
Don Sylvania John Sylvain
Wally Dunkett Tom Chalmers
Dik Feller Richard Gustafson
Fluffer Hendley Ariadne Shaffer
Quinda Millivan Ina Burke
Sheri MacM&MS Tina Ballabio

The good folks of the L.A.P.D. (Local Area Protection Division)
discuss the latest events with the Press.
(Clockwise from Top-Left) Sgt. Killer (Bruno Oliver),
 Chief Burning ParksAndChurches (Aldrich Allen),
 Officer Maim (Mikhail Blokh) and Newsman (J Warner).

The good folks of the Holy! ShitHeads Theater Company
(Clockwise from Top-Left)
Dik Feller (Richard Gustafson), Stan Freelove (Stan Freitag),
 Freshfolk #1 (J Warner), Fluffer Hendley (Ariadne Shaffer),
 Sharon MacM&Ms (Tina Ballabio), Gina Fellatio (Denise Barnard),
 Quinda Millivan (Michelle Philippe), Freshfolk #2 (Priscilla Sanders)

Returning from the grave, with a message and a toke from his secret weapon...StanMan (Stan Freitag)



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