Written by Sondra Mayer
Directed by Bryan Bellomo
5/12/01 - 6/9/01

Bad guys, bad girls and bad accents!
It's the biggest Bootie Call of all time!
And it's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad Pirate world!

Stan Freitag
as Captain Spriggs

Man Sean Wolpin
Matt Saxe
Woman Cindy Caddel
Captain Worley Tyler Tanner
Captain Vane Bryan Bellomo
Tom Chalmers
Calico Jack John Prince
Casey Smith
Anne Bonny Sondra Mayer
Lisette Bross
Mary Read Julie A. Lockhart
Captain Low Darrin Jaques

Joe Jordan as Major Bonnet,
with his invisble sidekick Pigmy

Captain Spriggs Stan Freitag
Bryan Bellomo
Major Bonnet Joe Jordan
Captain Blackbeard Tom Kiesche
Joel Christian
Scott Rabinowitz
Bryan Krasner
Hornigold Mikhail Blokh
Pirates/Prisoners Matt Duggan
Patrick Grasso
Matt Saxe
John Williams
Bryan Bellomo
J Warner
Steve Tanner
David Lampert
Native Woman Alisa Steen

And Featuring Bruno Oliver as...
The Great Captain Evans

Julie A. Lockhart & Sondra Mayer
as Mary Read and Anne Bonny

Bryan Krasner as Captain Blackbeard

Director Bryan Bellomo...as any number of characters...

Bruno Oliver as The Great Captain Evans

Casey Smith as Calico Jack

Matt Saxe & Cindy Caddell
as Man & Woman

Darrin Jaques as Captain Low