Presented as part of the very scary Halloween Series 2000....

Shrouded in Black
Written & Directed by Joe Jordan
10/14/00 - 10/28/00

Goth children. Lick, suck, drink...They look good and taste great...

Nigel Parrish, vampire hunter Stan Freitag
Denny, his assistant Scott McShane
Father Jerry, a missionary Bil Garrity
Sister Agnes, also a missionary Ruth Silveira
Micah, a young missionary Joe Gold
Rachel, another young missionary Lisa Grant
the goth kids...
Plaine Jane Cat Noel
Bloody Mary Laurie Searle
Tara-Beth Connolly
Shadow Jeffrey Landman
Ravyn Carla Jo Bailey
Little Eva Deena Rubinson
Trevor Joe Jordan
Doorman Scott Rabinowitz
other goth kids... Tara-Beth Conolly
Crystal Keith

with special guest star Joe Seely as Chad, the club owner

Just a couple of sweet Goth Kids...
Little Eva and Trevor (Joe Jordan and Deena Rubinson)

And a few more sweet Goth Kids...
(Clockwise from Left) Tara-Beth Connolly, Cat Noel, Crystal Keith, Carla Jo Bailey, Joe Jordan, Deena Rubinson, Jeffrey Landman, and Laurie Searle

And then there's the Christian Missionaries...
(From Left) Joe Gold, Bil Garrity, Lisa Grant and Ruth Silveira

Add in some Vampire Hunters...and mix...
Stan Freitag and Scott McShane as Nigel Parrish and Denny