Presented as part of the very scary Halloween Series 2000....

Stars & Stripes...whatever!
Written & Directed by Gerald McClanahan
One Night Only: 10/14/00's like Choose!

Britney Spears Jessie Marion
Chris (of N'Sync) Mikhail Blokh
Justin (of N'Sync) Herschel Bleefeld
J.C. (of N'Sync) Matt Saxe
Lance (of N'Sync)/
Sam Donaldson
Tom Chalmers
Joey (of N'Sync)/
Governor George W. Bush
John Williams
Kurt Loder Aaron Haedt
Madonna Sharon MacMenamin
"Brad Friedman" Brad Friedman
Al Gore Scott Rabinowitz
Barbara Walters Linda Miller
Ricky Martin Bryan Bellomo
Brandy Alisa Steen

(An Empty-Vee Production)

The Next President of the United States? And her cabinet?
Britney & The Backstreet Boys
(From Left in back) Matt Saxe, John Williams, Tom Chalmers,
Herschel Bleefeld, Mikhail Blokh & Jessie Marion

The Next President of the United States?
 And her Campaign Manager & Vice President?
Maddona, Britney & Ricky Martin, of course.
Sharon MacMenamin, Jessie Marion & Bryan Bellomo