The Adventures of SuperModel!
Written by Allen Lulu
Directed by Scott Rabinowitz / Tenny Priebe
Sound by J Warner
8/26/00 - 9/23/00


She's not just a Super Model! She's a Super Hero out to save the world! Or at least the two mile radius of Beverly Hills from Doheny to Wilshire, just north of Little Santa Monica and under the crest of Mulholland drive! Where did you get those shoes?!


Ashley Anderson/SuperModel Michelle Madden
Laura Ford

Bad Guys (Girls?)...
Jamie Callahan and John Williams

The Lifeguard
Matt King
Beach Bunny
Pregnant Hostage
Ronnie Silver
Mindee Clem
Peter Moore
Chief Franklin Aldrich Allen
Officer Thomas
Tom Kiesche
Casey Smith
Dustin Hughes
Barry Pepper P.J. Byrne
Joel Christian
Rachel Patchouli Crystal Keith
David Dean Cameron
Flight Attendant
Catherine Steiner
Bess Fanning
John Cervenka Zach Eisenberg

Very Bad Guy...
Very Good Body...
Ransford Doherty

B. Thaddeus Richter R.C. Ormond
Jason Prometheus Jamie Callahan
Angela Corwin I Linda Miller
Angela Corwin II Tenny Priebe
Amy Sharp / Runway Jill Bennett
Laurie Searle
Frank Stan Freitag
Roberta Ginsberg Tina Ballabio
Schinea Tangelia Rouse

Tino as Himself

Models Carla Jo Bailey
Gretchen Morgan
Genny Priebe
Bess Fanning
Dr. Bly John Williams
Tyson Ransford Doherty

Carla Jo Bailey, Gretchen Morgan, Jill Bennett, Michelle Madden, Tenny Priebe, Bess Fanning and Tangelia Rouse

Dressed to Kill...
Stan Freitag, Jeffrey Landman, Michelle Madden, Tina Ballabio, Joel Christian

SuperModel! And a few of her peeps...
(Clockwise from Top-Left) Dean Cameron, Linda Miller, R.C. Ormand, Michelle Madden, Tom Kiesche, Zack Eisenberg, Jamie Callahan, Bess Fanning, Tenny Priebe



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