Trixie, Caged!
Written by Shirley Anderson
Directed by Edgar Landa (5/19 & 5/26)
Directed by Scott Rabinowitz (6/2& 6/9)
5/19/01 - 6/9/01

Finally, a prison story that will hold you captive! A hard knock yarn that will leave you stiff, sore & aching for more! Don't miss, Trixie...CAGED!

Trixie Meghan Lisi
Mommy Heidi Yudis
Amy Debourget
Tits Danica Sheridan
Madge Bridgette Campbell
Erika Lee
Bubbles Laura Otis
Goo Goo Jamie Fox
Jennifer Fontaine
Big Head Helen Wilson
Sherry Mattson
Father Jeff Jake Arnette
Petey the Packer John Rocha
Announcer Kevin Delaney
Pat Towne

Cheap Prison Tramps
(Clockwise from Cheap Prison Tramp on Bottom-Left)
Bridgette Campbell, Heidi Yudis, Helen Wilson, Laura Otis,
Danica Sheridan, Jamie Fox, Meghan Lisi

"How'd you get that nickname anyway?"
Danica Sheridan as Tits, Laura Otis as Bubbles

Trixie...coming out of her cage?
Meghan Lisi as Trixie, Helen Wilson as Big Head,
Jake Arnette as the good Father Jeff

"How'd you get that nickname anyway?"
John Rocha as Petey the Packer, Helen Wilson and Jake Arnette