Star Wars' Jar-Jar Binks,
Written & Directed by
Gerald McClanahan

4/13/02 - 5/4/02

A tale of Buyouts! Big Bucks! And...Break-dancing!!!
Where "Beat Street" meets "Wall Street"!!!
Where break-dancers "break out", and stock brokers go "for broke"!!!

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Eisenstadt Kirstin Burbank
Ellis Martin Yu
Janowitz Matt Saxe
McInerney Chase Sprague
Elliot Komodo Scott Leggett
Oliver Jackson Ahmed Best
Zephyr Henry Dittman
Harlequin Tom Chalmers
T-Spoon Bryan Krasner
Bizzy B Rachel Dara Wolfe
Lori Funk
Dance Judge Adam Sears
ManDieE Angela Rubino
Heather Julie A. Lockhart
Pauly "The Weaz-el" Shore Dean Jacobson
"Downtown"Julie Brown Detra Jones

The new epic storyline from the brilliant provocateur who brought you
provacateur who brought you
EMPIRE: The Hollywood Years, Ten Little Actors, Cappuccino Jones
and too many other to mention dammit!


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