Presented as part of 2001's 
4th Annual Shocktober Spooktacular!

Bite Me!
Written & Directed by Paul Byrne
10/20/01 - 10/27/01

A visit to the the blood bank can be such a draining experience...

Mina Ashley West Leonard
Laura Esposito
Johnnie Harker Henry Dittman
Desmirelda Ludraca Rachel Dara Wolfe
Doc Seward Laurie Nelson
Renfield J. Chisholm Victor Isaac
Thud Kevin Crowther
Dr. Acula Mikhail Blokh

From Left...Doc Seward, Mina, Johnnie Harker,
Desmirelda Ludraca and Renfield J. Chisholm
(Laurie Nelson, Ashley West Leonard, Henry Dittman,
 Rachel Dara Wolfe and Victor Isaac)

The Doc and Thud
(Laurie Nelson and Kevin Crowther)

Fangs for the memories...
Rachel Dara Wolfe and  Henry Dittman