The Dead of Night!
Written by Paul Byrne
Directed by Ariadne Shaffer & Paul Byrne
8/25/01 - 9/8/01

Episode I: "Thugs That Go Limp in the Night!"
Episode 2: "A Whiff of...Formaldehyde?!"
Episode 3: "The Morgue, the Merrier!"

Butch Bzinski Steve Bunch
Eddie the Mook Brad Friedman
Madame Ludraca Rachel Dara Wolfe
Ghoul #1 Corey Klemow
Jim "Dash" Donavon Paul Byrne
Bix Tooley Richard Gustafson
Elaine Barnaby Ariadne Shaffer
Effie Smidgik Lisette Bross
Laurie Nelson
Mr. Bushmill /
Doc Hennesy
John Wuchte

Mystical Movement Managed by
Jessica Schroeder

The Mook got in trouble, see?
Steve Bunch as Butch Bzinski, Brad Friedman as Eddie The Mook

The Newspaper Man had a hunch
and decided to trust this doll, see?
John Wuchte as Mr. Bushmill,
Ariadne Shaffer as Elaine Barnaby

The G-Men were called in, see?
Paul Byrne as Jim "Dash" Donovan, Ariadne,
Lisette Bross as Effie Smidgik, Richard Gustafson as Bix Tooley

She's one spooky dame, see? She must be...Eura-pean!
Corey Klemow, The Ghoul with Rachel Dara Wolfe, Madame Ludraca

The Garlic Sandwich that Saved the Free World!
(Okay, so maybe you hadda be there, see?!)
Gustafson with Lori Nelson as Effie Smidgik