Victor Isaac be...

Written & Directed by Paul Byrne & Victor Isaac
2/2/02 - 3/2/02
Loosely based on the 19th Century romance novel
“Lust for Lips”
"Ebony Escapades"
"The Bussing Bondsman"
"Embracing Ebony" by Louisa April DeBoo

He's the Antebellum Zorro!...The Negro Bandito!...
It's 10pm, 1858. Do you know where your slaves are?

Moses Vincent Isaac
Annabelle Lee Lisette Bross
Donna Tina Charles
Julie A. Lockhart
Eli, the Ebony Pimpernel Victor Isaac
Colonel Tom E. Lee Jay Harik
Ezekiel Swindler Sam Toffler
Jacob du Fouss Stan Freitag
Paul Byrne
Jezebel du Fouss Cindy Caddel
Idyot du Fouss Scott McShane
Jebediah Braunschweigger Mike Lanahan
Isaac X Victor Isaac
Mr. Bushmill Paul Byrne
Zbignew Dombroski Mikhail Blokh
Huckleberry Finn Kirstin Burbank
Jim Aldrich Allen
Sara Detra Jones

Cindy Caddel, Scott McShane & Stan Freitag (seated)
as Jezebel, Idyot & Jacob DuFouss

Father and son, Victor Isaac & Vincent Isaac
as father and son, Eli (The Ebony Pimpernel!) & Moses

Sam Toffler and Jay Harik
as Ezekiel Swindler and Colonel Tom E. Lee

Aldrich Allen and Kirstin Burbank
as Jim and Huckleberry Finn

Mike Lanahan as 
John Brown (disguised as Jebediah Braunschweigger)

Paul Byrne as 
Yankee Newspaper Editor, Mr. Bushmill

Julie A. Lockhart as Annabelle Lee

Lisette Bross and Jay Harik as
Annabelle and Colonel Tom E. Lee



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