Written by Donald Marshall
Directed by Andy Corren
2/2/02 - 2/16/02

The gals are in trouble when they have to take on the Al-Qaeda
and get ready for this years big talent show!
Check local listings for details.

Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak-Hollingsworth Joe Jordan
Scott Rabinowitz
Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux Henry Dittman
Rose Nylund Andy Corren 
Sophia Petrillo Steve Rozic
Osama Bin Laden  Paul Byrne
Fat Frank Lori Funk
Abdel Rachman Nasif Tabatha Hall
Rachman Nasif Abdel Haven Hartman
Nasif Abdel Rachman Carla Jo Bailey

The "Grrlz"
(Clockwise from top-left...
Andy Corren, Henry Dittman, Joe Jordan and Steve Rozic)

The "Al-Qaeda"
(From Left...Carla Jo Bailey, Haven Hartman and Tabatha Hall)



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