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For One Night Only!
Great XMaspectation
Written & Directed by Gerald McClanahan
One Night Only!: 12/22/01

The heartwarming holiday tale of four poor orphans in London...
Heartwarming, our fat Christmas ass!!!

Town Crier Paul Stan Freitag
Town Crier Colleen Karen Stapleton
Lady Simpson Alex Sage
Lord Worcestershire Brad Friedman
Catherine Beckham Crystal Keith
Randolph, "The Cagey Cadger" Mikhail Blokh
Stutterin' Sidney Chase Sprague
Little Big John Thomas Matt Saxe
Rummy Pete Kevin Delaney
The Ghost of Gloucester Scott Paetty

Hear ye...hear ye! More news at eleven and all is well!
Stan Freitag and Karen Stapleton as Town Criers Paul and Colleen

Mrs Beckham and the poor Orphan Boys...
Chase Sprague as Stutterin' Sidney, Mikhail Blokh as
Randolph, "The Cagey Cadger", Crystal Keith as Catherine Beckham,
Matt Saxe as Little Big John Thomas and Kevin Delaney as Rummy Pete

The good looking ghost of their Dead Father
Scott Paetty as the Ghost of Gloucester, surrounded by the boys.

Goddamn us everyone...
The Lord and Lady of Worcestershire with...Tiny Tim?!
Alex Sage, Philipp Sokoloff and Brad Friedman