Presented as part of 2001's 
4th Annual Shocktober Spooktacular!

Mister Ratchett's Neighborhood...of DOOM!
Written by Donald Marshall
Directed by Joe Jordan
10/20/01 - 10/27/01

It's such a good know you're alive...

Mister Ratchett David Sparrow
Mr. Mailman Joe Jordan
Princess Janet Crystal Keith
Frank / King Tomtom Paul Byrne
Edie / Ms. Pussypuss Stephanie Bell
Director Bob Adam LeBow
Stage Manager Jim Mike Lanahan
Larry the Loveable Lobster John Williams
Sharri / Minstsauce Lauren Cohn
Tabatha Hall
Sound Man Greg Brad Friedman
Slinky Winky Dean Jacobson

Puppets by Richard Gustafson

The lovable gangs all here!
Clockwise from Top-Left...
Joe Jordan as Mr. Mailman, David Sparrow as Mister Ratchett,
John Williams as Larry the Lovable Lobster, Crystal Keith as Princess Janet,
Paul Byrne and friend as Frank/King Tomtom, Stephanie Bell and friend as
Edie/Ms. Pussypuss, Lauren Cohn and friend as Sharri/Mintsauce,
Adam LeBow as Director Bob and Mike Lanahan as Stage Manager Jim.

Dean as the lovable(?), Slinky Winky!

Tabatha Hall as Sharri, with her hand up Mintsauce's ass.

King TomTom at the throat of Frank (Paul Byrne)