Written & Directed by
Brad Friedman
4/6/02 - 4/13/02

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On November 13th, Cletus Underwood was issued a restraining order...
That restraining order came from his wife.

Deep down he knew she was right...
but he also knew that one day – he would return to her...
and make the bitch pay!

 With no where else to go, he appeared at the home
of his former cellmate Ozzie Mangione...

Some time earlier, Mangione’s wife had caught him
with three teenage hookers and asked that he never return.

Can two divorced low-level gangsters share
an apartment without driving each other CRAZY?!

Ozzie Mangione Stan Freitag
Cletus Underwood Brad Friedman
Manny the Capo Scott Leggett

Manny the Capo stands between Cletus, an extortion photographer
 and Ozzie, a sports bookie...What could possibly go wrong?!
(Brad Friedman, Scott Leggett and Stan Freitag)



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