Sherlock Holmes & the Nipples of Death
Written by Chris Hart
Directed by Lisette Bross

8/25/01 - 9/1/01

It's elementary!...It's time for a visit to 221b Baker Street...
and not a moment too soon!
(Followed up in Season 5 with Sherlock Holmes & Nefertiti's Box!)

Sherlock Chris Hart
Watson Terrance Heuston
Mrs. Hudson Linda Miller
Inspector Lestrade Joe Jordan
Mabel Sondra Mayer
Constable Richards Stan Freitag
Madam Sipowitcz Adam Bitterman
Olga Julie A. Lockhart
Messenger Scott Rabinowitz
Kitty Karen Stapleton
Chief Constable
Zachary Thomas
Dean Jacobson
Bum Scott McShane
Brandy Kara Leigh

What the Constable saw...
Nipples of death provided by ?
Stunned look provided by Stan Freitag

The suspects...
Madam Sipowitz,
Adam Bitterman surround by his girls
(from left) Julie A. Lockhart, Sondra Mayer, Karen Stapleton

Good Kitty...
Karen Stapleton (Center), Julie A. Lockhart (L), Kara Liegh (R)

No shit, Sherlock...
Watson and Holmes
...Terrence Heuston & Chris Hart

The kindly Mrs. Hudson, the put-upon Inspector Lestrade...
Linda Miller and Joe Jordan

Could that brilliant rapscallion Moriarty be behind this?...
Chris Hart and Scott McShane