Written & Directed by
Joe Jordan
4/6/02 - 4/20/02

Fighting crime all night long!
(Because...well...he's gonna be up anyway.)

Young Woman Michelle Philippe
Young Man Adam LeBow
Thug Aldrich Allen
The Insomniac Rob Brink
Captain Grammar Chris Hart
Audrey Denise Barnard
Haven Hartman
Olivia Barker-Smythe Shirley Anderson
Mayor Friday David LM Mcintyre
Portia Sheppard /
Little Bo Peep
Lisa Anne Nicolai
Photographer Matthew Saxe
Jimmy / Special J Andy Corren
Yuri Lowenthal
The French Tickler John Wuchte
Arthur Maxwell Joe Jordan
Cop / Woman Katie Furlong
Sheep #1 / Bus Driver Corey Klemow
Sheep #2 / Tribal Man Donald Marshall
Sheep #3 Joe Jordan
ZaSham! Stan Freitag
Mr. Futility Dean Jacobson
Naked Man Aaron Francis
Marilyn Manson Carla Jo Bailey
Muhammad Ali Aldrich Allen
Super Model Michelle Madden



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