The Toys From Brazil
Written & Directed
by Andy Corren
(Who apologizes to all of humanity...)

6/8/02 - 6/29/02

A Heil-arious Hitler-Palooza! rather...
A somber and revealing morality lesson for our times.

Hata Ugen Lori Funk
Dolfy Henry Dittman
Ambassador Robert Horn Chris Hart
Bjorn Horn Tom Chalmers
Lord Anvil Granville John Wuchte
Danville Granville Mark Schrier
Mrs. Scurry Ashley West Leonard
Stanley Scurry Steve Rozic
Nathan Scurry Yuri Lowenthal

Beer Hall Lovelies /
Old Jewesses

Leesel Boulware
Kendall Ketchum

Heinrich Himmelfarb Andy Corren
Dirty Whore / Sexy Nazi Leesel Boulware
Sexy Nazi / Dirty Whore Kendall Ketchum

And Featuring the All-Star
Goose-Steppin' Nazi Cavalcade!:

Nicolas Aguayo, Jr.
David Grad
Corey Klemow
Jamison Newlander
Greg Shafritz

Lee Bradley
Ron Hubler
Michael Newman
Matthew Saxe
Amir Talai



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