Über Cop
Written and Directed by Joe Jordan
9/15/01 - 9/22/01

He's a cop with an attitude. A bad attitude. No, a really really bad, nihilistic, self-loathing, jaded, and petulant attitude with a general disgust for the overall zeitgeist and ultimate folly under which the human condition lives on this absurd planet called earth.

Det. Gunter Stein Jamie Callahan
Det. Amy Heckle Tenny Priebe
Chief Det. Lundtz Stan Freitag
Officer Miller Tina Ballabio
Margaritte Dewitt Tabatha Hall
Officer Blisk Tom Chalmers
Officer Gelman Dean Jacobson
Landlord Richard Gustafson
Dean Jacobson
Andrew Timmins David Lampert
Janice Barker Linda Miller
Michael Stanwyck Philip Sokoloff
Benjamin Darrin Jaques
Eddie Prince Brad Friedman

Uber Cop, Det. Gunter Stein with new partner Det. Amy Heckle
Jamie Callahan & Tenny Priebe

Officer Miller and Chief Det. Lundtz
Tina Ballabio and Stan Freitag

The Landlord...okay...
Richard Gustafson...okay?

Officer Gelman, Margaritte Dewitt and Officer Blisk
Dean Jacobson, Tabatha Hall and Tom Chalmers