Written by Steve Tanner
Directed by Jessie Marion

11/3/01 - 11/17/01

Long, hard, cylindrical and full of hot air...Like Germany herself!
 An explosive tale! Oh...the hilarity!!!

Stephanie Pendergast Rachel Dara Wolfe
Maxwell McCandless Joe Fria
Scott Rabinowitz
Lemuel Stark Michael Patrick McGill
Jasper Jay Harik
Arian LeBoeuf Ruth Silveira
Theordore "Teddy" Pendergast Stan Freitag
Dr. Werner von Fleischacker Joe Jordan
Maisie O'Donnell Denise Barnard
Horst Matt Saxe
Ruprecht Michael Lanahan
Sonny DuPree Brad Friedman
Adolph Hitler Henry Dittman
Eva Braun Ashley West Leonard
Hermann Goering John Williams
Tommy Tyler Tanner

Inventor of the mighty Zeppelin - The Himmulwurst 1,
Dr. Werner von Fleishacker is interviewed prior to boarding
by the handsome and well-known radio broadcaster, Sonny DuPree!

(Joe Jordan and Brad Friedman)

Amongst the guests on board for the maiden voyage of the mighty airship...
wealthy playboy and all around jack-the-lad, Maxwell McCandless,
society doyenne, Countess Ariane LeBoeuf McConaughey Romanofsky
and father of the bride-to-be, multibajillionaire, Theodore "Teddy" Pendergast!
(Joe Fria, Ruth Silveira and Stan Freitag)

Why look! It's none other than madcap bank heiress, Stephanie Pendergast!
Along with that saucy soubrette, Miss Maisie O'Donnell!

(Rachel Dara Wolfe and Denise Barnard)

The passengers are in for a thrille! It's a suprise visit on board the
Zeppelin from Tommy! The great hero of World War I!
(Tyler Tanner)

But all is not well in the Fatherland!
As Adolf "You Can Call Me Fuhrer" Hitler makes his daily and
futile attempts at intimacy with Miss Eva Braun!
Perhaps Herr Hermann Goering can help get something going!
(John Williams, Henry Dittman and Ashley Leonard)