Written by Tom Kiesche
Directed by Brad Friedman
Choreography by
Jessie Marion & Carlos Fedos
Musical Accompaniment by Ed Smaron
11/16/02 - 11/30/02

Da Buzzy's the word...is the word...is the word...
It's vague...there's no meaning...

The next step towards dementia, from the twisted team that brought you
Creature Comforts, Muderous Camoflauge & Frankenstein, Vicki!

Nancy Tara Platt
Jim Yuri Lowenthal
Da Buzzy Eric Page
Cop #1 Mike Lanahan
Cop #2 Eric Stein
Cop #3 John Wuchte
Cop #4 Matt Saxe
Det. Sandy Smith Ashley West Leonard
Andrea Odinov
Roger Steve Rozic
Ronda Kathi Copeland
Joe Young David Neilsen
The Wander Joe Jordan
The Judge Johanna McKey
The Bailiff Brad Friedman
The Prosecutor Bruno Oliver
The Defense Jennie Fahn



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