Written by Bob DeRosa
Directed by Ben Rock
4/12/03 - 4/26/03

The only man left in a world full of women...
That's gotta be a good thing...right?

Scotty Amir Talai
Buck Josh Flaum
Drooling Maniac #1 Lou Burnstein
Drooling Maniac #2 Mike Newman
Drooling Maniac #3 C.M. Gonzalez
Drooling Doctor Bob DeRosa
Madame Shiela Jessie Marion
Helen Shiela Mcintosh
Sarah McElligott
Cindy Tara Platt
Tanya Maria deBrigard
Becca Melissa Timme
The Captain Andy Corren
The Baby Corey Klemow
Mog Tour Guide Stan Freitag

Choreograpy by
Jessie Marion & Andy Corren



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