Written by Tom Kiesche
Directed by Brad Friedman
1/25/03 - 2/8/03

Bustin' their frickin' hump to protect your sorry asses.
Parental discretion is advised.

Another trip through the looking glass from the team that
brought you Creature Comforts, Frankenstein, Vicki
& Da Buzzy and the Greasy Fuzz

Sippie Bryan Krasner
Davi Travis Poelle
Criminal Evan Grayson
LT Bashir Salahuddin
Timmons Andrea Odinov
Andrew Chase Sprague
Zander Jay Harik
Olin Navid Negahban
Perp Lou Burnstein
Formerly Fred Chris Hart
Tavi David Grad
Ugly Pete Kevin Crowther
Ravi Donald Marshall
The Silent Gay Army
James Seda
Ed Smaron
David Mattey
Clyde Depardu Stan Freitag
Debbie Banks Julie Mullen



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