Tom Chalmers & Tabatha Hall
are Popeye & Olive Oyl in...

Written by
Tom Chalmers & Sam Toffler
Directed by Philip Wofford
5/17/03 - 5/24/03

He am what he am.
And he's gonna need more than spinach to save the day!

Popeye the Sailor-Man Tom Chalmers
The C.O. Brad Friedman
The Captain John Williams
Bluto Bryan Krasner
Mrs. Petersen Kathi Copeland
Mr. Petersen Andy Corren
Debbi Dorian Frankel
Donna Mary Hayes
Olive Oyl Tabatha Hall
Wimpy John Maynard
Poopdeck Pappy Michael Pallansch
Alice the Goon Aaron Francis

Sound Wizardry by Jason Tuttle



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