Written by
Mathew Moore & 
Bobby D. Lux
Directed by
Mathew Moore

10/12/02 - 10/19/02

There's a party at Rick James' house!
And it's gonna be Super Freaky!...Bitch!

RJ Mark Nordike
Tonto Balboa Bobby D. Lux
Helen Roper Andy Corren
Philip Wofford
Corey Haim Scott McShane
Mathew Moore
C.R. Amir Talai
Yanoosh Poha Corey Klemow
Jefferson D'Arcy Travis Poelle
Ted Christie Mathew Moore
Mike Lazar
Toadstool Mike Lazar
Alex Elkin
Grandson of Flubber Himself
with Dean Cameron as...The Clone



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